Welcome to Cotswold BBQ Huts, the home of authentic, beautiful BBQ Huts.

Barbecue and garden fun all year round IN ANY WEATHER!

And when you're not sizzling steak or toasting marshmallows, your BBQ hut can be anything you want it to be:

  • spacious yet cosy outdoor kitchen
  • sleepover space
  • exciting party room
  • garden hideaway
  • man cave
  • meditation room
  • teenager hangout
  • artist's studio

The possibilities are endless...

BBQ Hut in paved garden
BBQ Hut in paved garden
Inside of a BBQ Hut
BBQ Hut covered in snow

What makes our BBQ Huts special?

The centrepiece of each BBQ Hut is a specially designed circular barbecue with removable wrap around tables. There are 2 adjustable, rotating cooking platforms for holding your kettle, saucepan or skillet over the charcoals.

All our BBQ huts are supplied with sumptuous reindeer skins from sustainably managed Scandinavian reindeer herds. Also included is a range of Finnish handicrafts; including cutlery, utensils, coasters, and kuksa (traditional Finnish wooden mugs). For complete piece of mind we also supply a carbon monoxide detector/alarm and fire extinguisher with every hut.

Beautiful, robust and authentic BBQ Huts with delivery and installation throughout the UK. A Cotswold BBQ Hut is the ultimate accessory for al fresco entertaining.